Haunted house real estate writing activity

Cherokee - Cherokee Cemetery - It is history that the town sweetheart was murdered in the and her murderer burned alive in his home across the street from the cemetery. Davidsville - Conamugh Twp High School -The lighting box in the auditorium is haunted by the spirit of an Indian Chief who is said to be buried under the school in the catacombs.

Gettysburg - Cemetery Hill - On chilly summer nights, you can see at times a blue column of light. Banging throughout the building. My First Mini-Retirement My business partner and I worked to get our real estate portfolio as stable as possible.

This house is a two story wooden farm house, but the weird thing is their is two of them. The teacher checked and no one was there. One student took a picture of the tree and a face of an old man appeared in the image.

The story is of a girl who was killed in a car accident coming back from an away football game, she was a cheerleader and now apparently it is said that it is her that haunts the school.

Coloma - Sheridan - Lincoln - Manzanita Cemetery - Reported by a local firefighter while fighting a wild land fire, the fire had burned up to the back of the cemetery. Easton - Easton Library - haunted by several ghosts.

Apple Valley Inn is no longer a Rehab facility.

Haunted House for Sale Writing Project and Craft Ideas

Moans coming from the ambulance bays. So, what did we want our lives to look like anyway. At the actual lake by a bench it was dedicated to an old man he can be seen sitting on the bench smiling at you.

All of this caused us to step back and reflect on our journey up to that point. There is no point in hiding things in Real Estate as it is very easy to end up in a nasty law suit. Baldwin Park - Baldwin Park High - Early in the morning strange sounds can be heard in the basketball gym.

Allentown - King George Inn - Believed to be haunted by a ghost named Charlie, who likes to bother people working in the kitchen, drops utensils and moves things around.

Sometimes when you are trying to sleep you will hear or see things moving shadows and also sometimes hear them getting into your cars.

And our strategy of using private loans and seller financing was a blessing in disguise.

The Stanley Hotel

All that remains is a swing set and the foundation of the building. Several of their young children died, their winery was eventually ruined because of a blight, and the husband contracted syphilis, which over time caused blindness and mental illness.

The Moravianshad built tunnels to use in case of hostile Indian attacks. It reappeared when they returned to their beds. Since he had already checked in, the clerk was forced to charge him. My position has always been if you have even the slightest question about whether or not to disclose something to potential buyers, avoid the potential for liability and tell all.

She has been spotted on more than one occasion and guests of the inn have heard the girl laughing, according to Ghosts of the Haunted Coast, by Richard L.

You get chills and hear walking behind you while at this cemetery. Concert Hall[ edit ] The concert hall, east of the hotel, was built by Stanley in with the assistance of Henry "Lord Cornwallis" Rogers, the same architect who designed his summer cottage.

Carson - NW corner of Pacific St.

Haunted Locations on Vancouver Island

Dormonth - Library is said to be haunted by a librarian who worked there years ago. Elizabeth - Central VFC - in a firefighter was killed in the line of duty and now haunts the fire co if you are at the end of the fire hall and a call comes in you can see machinery running to the fire truck with a fire coat draped over his shoulder, lights will be on and no one will be there if you stop to turn them off no sooner do you leave the building the lights are on.

But over time by treating it like a business, creating systems, and outsourcing key tasks, it is definitely manageable. Furthermore, the Siwash Hill entities may actually have been two separate spirits.

Henry horribly died after freezing to death on a cold winter night. They do not like bright flashlights, those who possess the brightest are pushed, kicked, dust is kicked up, other noises are heard.

He has been seen breaking mirrors. Believed to be the owner of the dogs, he was run over by a train losing a leg and bleeding to death.

My 15-Year Journey to Financial Independence

The other key thing many real estate investors miss is buying profitable enough properties in the first place so that they can outsource tasks.

It was formerly a biker bar, where there were many reported stabbings. Frugal Asian Finance June 9, at 9: There are no tracks anymore and it is pretty humorous for those involved. Poltergeist activity has been reported in the Kitchen, where a cook was murdered during World War II.

The school has a lot of history behind it. Browse popular topics on Meetup so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.

Get ready for Halloween by looking at some seriously spooky real estate. Oct 27, Sure, walking through a local theme park's haunted house is good old-fashioned Halloween fun, but what about living in an actual haunted house?

Our friends at But some say this historic building has had a long history of paranormal activity. Historic Homes & More; 11 "Real" Haunted Houses to Visit—If You Dare!

Massachusetts Real Estate News

Creaking doors, cold spots, moving objects—be afraid, be. A home where paranormal activity, suicide, murder, cult activity, famous adulteries or other misfortunes and crimes took place could be categorized as a “stigmatized property.” With Halloween around the corner, you may have haunted houses (and costumes, and.

In Real Estate when in doubt it is always better to disclose, disclose, disclose! There is no point in hiding things in Real Estate as it is very easy to end up in a nasty law suit.

It Did It By Itself by hmb Hey guys I have a short one for you. Well, the other day, my family was leaving the house for the day to go shopping. I was the last one out of the house, and I went to turn the TV off.

Haunted house real estate writing activity
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