If i lived in a snowglobe writing activity

I put them up on the door outside our classroom so everyone could see them. I created this template for a winter writing activity I did with my first grade students. Friday we finished up our projects we have been working on the last couple of weeks. I did the same thing last year and they turned out adorable.

We were so proud of these.

I used this template to create Writing Offices for my third grade students. Favorites CollectCollect this now for later lillian. I admit, these were pretty easy books, but the point wasn't to challenge them, it was to get them fully immersed in all things frosty and frigid.

A lot of people have asked about the snow glitter.

Snow Globes Writing Lesson and Craft

Put some "snow" on the center of the globe. All the boys and girls that are on green or above get a little something in their stocking. I love all things winter, add in some glitter and you have a project that is sure to be a hit.

Fingerprint Snow Globe Snowman craft. Don't worry, I will tell you when I've updated the file.

Stuck in a Snow Globe Writing Activity Sheet

OH, and I almost forgot. We tried to be so careful. Perfect classroom activity for the fall months. When my co-worker taught K she made this project with just a snowman pre-cut and kids added face etc and they cut the snow globe out. Here are some finished ones: We used a special kind of snowy irridescent glitter that made them look real.

CollectCollect this now for later Everything I love this activity. We have a special parent guest coming this week to present a lesson about Hannakuh and we will make our parent gifts this week as well.

Did anyone else try these wreaths. Now, I cannot take any kind of credit for this adorable project. After drawing and coloring, they outlined their pictures with extra fine point black Sharpie markers. Then they published their stories on some snowy stationary.

Crafts CollectCollect this now for later lillian. From experience, I know this can be one of the most intimidating pieces of the approach to implement.

December first we made stockings from Construction paper and hung them by our cubbies with care. Our snow globe project and writing were a huge success and definitely something that I will be doing in the future.

If I Were In A Snow Globe Writing Prompt and Graphic Organizers

I have had many compliments on these. I began by building some background knowledge. Every night he sends a couple of elves to our classroom to check out our behavior chart. Living in Central Florida, a vast majority of my students have never seen real snow.

We used this writing paper. Here is a close up of our names in lights. After reading these books and brainstorming some great descriptive phrases and words, we spent day 2 writing rough drafts.

CollectCollect this now for later michelle. They have added some much needed sparkle and shine to the 4th grade hallway. How does that happen.

I think they turned out adorable and they were all unique. Then print those and get a parent helper to cut them out completely around the shape of the child. This includes writing, photographs, images, and downloads.

This blog is a collaborative blog written by a group of individuals, and each author owns and is accountable for his/her postings. Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post. sandy IF I LIVED IN A SNOW GLOBE I created this template for a winter writing activity I did with my first grade students.

I created this template for a winter writing activity I did with my first grade students. Jan 20,  · It is always best to have students share their ideas out loud before writing. Once we were finished sharing, I had the students trace their hand on a sheet of paper.

If I Lived In A Snowglobe -- FREE Writing Activity...

Each finger got a label. 1. See- What would they see in their snow globe? 2. Do- What activities would they do in their snow globe? 3. Eat- What would they eat in their snow globe? 4. Feb 10,  · In our writing center we wrote about what it would be like if we lived in a snow globe.

We were VERY creative! Check out our creations. If I lived in a Snow Globe Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies did this cute writing activity for Winter. I have adapted it just a bit to accommodate upper elementary students.

Dec 31,  · Then you have to start by taking pictures of your kids individually as they "act" like they are in a snow globe. I had kids that were shivering, laying on the ground making a snow angel, throwing a snowball (wad of paper), one kid had fists in air and yelling like he wanted out (Um SO cute!!).Author: Tori's Teacher Tips.

If i lived in a snowglobe writing activity
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Snow Globes Writing Lesson and Craft - Lessons With Laughter